25 of the Most Expensive Movies Ever, Adjusted for Inflation

25 of the Most Expensive Movies Ever, Adjusted for Inflation

Image: Avatar publicity still/20th Century Fox

John Camerons 2009 Avatar sits near the top of the list of the most costly films ever made, however even greater on the list of the highest-grossing films in history. As much as the movies cultural significance is disputed, theres no question whatsoever that it was a big financial investment that settled handsomely.
We often believe of the modern-day hit period as having actually started with Star Wars, it actually began with the big period impressives of the 1960s, when studios were desperate to make films that might complete for viewer attention with the complimentary stuff they could get on tv. Its not much various now, except that studios are generally much better at managing risk (its why Disney would rather make sure-fire Marvel motion pictures than simply about anything else).

In honor of the release of the trailer for the long-gestating, very pricey, Avatar follow up, lets have a look back at other infamously expensive blockbusters, and evaluate whether they validated those eye-popping cost.
My numbers come from Wikipedia, with lots of cross-referencing to make sure everything makes sense. Bear in mind that budgets are constantly price quotes: studios do not necessarily make those numbers public. Advertising expenses and other ancillaries can push budget plans even higher, however are normally not included in a movies budget, and determining a movies degree of success, is a fools errand.

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