Jason Momoa in negotiations to star in ‘Minecraft’ movie

Jason Momoa in negotiations to star in ‘Minecraft’ movie

A motion picture version of Mojang Studios Minecraft is beginning to come together. Action hero veteran Jason Momoa remains in speak to star in an upcoming movie adjustment of the popular worldbuilding video game, reported The Hollywood Reporter. While no contract has been signed yet, the possible addition of Momoa is a motivating sign of life for a film that has actually been on Warner Bros backburner. Warner Bros originally prepared to release the movie in March 2022, however it was shelved due to production hold-ups associated with the pandemic, according to THR. The movies difficulties pre-date Covid-19; its initial director and film writers quit the movie in 2014 due to creative distinctions with Mojang.

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However fans need to expect more motion on the film in the future. The Ankler reported that Warner Bros. lease on the rights to Minecraft expires in January 2023, so production on the movie will need to begin before then.

Napoleon Dynamites Jared Hess has now reportedly signed-on to direct the movie, and Dune producers Mary Parent and Roy Lee are likewise on board. Its uncertain what function Momoa will play in the movie, as its still unidentified what aspects of the 2011 video game will appear in the film and whether well see fan favorites like Minecraft Steve. The films story, launched by Mojang Studios in 2019, is quite straightforward: “The malevolent Ender Dragon sets out on a course of damage, prompting a young girl and her group of unlikely adventurers to set out to conserve the Overworld.”

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