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Lady Gaga in House Of Gucci

Lady Gaga in House Of Gucci
Photo: MGM

Still feeling burned by The Many Saints Of Newark: A Sopranos Story? Thankfully, Lady Gaga is here to help. With all the flashy period clothing, showy accents, and games of cops and robbers, Ridley Scott’s House Of Gucci looks like the Italian crime epic we were deprived of earlier this month.

The story of a powerful Italian family beset by the power of a woman scorned is central to House Of Gucci. And, of course, that woman is Lady Gaga, who stars as Patrizia Reggiani, a subscriber to “unconventional punishments.” In her first role since her Oscar-nominated performance in A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga is finally getting to put her Italian bonafides to the test. Lady Gaga has a well-documented love of telling people she’s Italian, after all.

But Gaga isn’t the only one keeping this house standing. The rest of the cast looks equally gaudy and incredible. Al Pacino and Jared Letoand a secret Jeremy Irons, who doesn’t get much play hereare in full-on go-for-it mode. It is glorious. Meanwhile, Adam Driver is the most toned-down member of the family for a change.

In this trailer, Gucci looks like a mix of the things people already like, including Succession, Sopranos, and American Crime Story. So if that sounds like something you would like to be a part of—and we don’t know why you wouldn’t—prepare yourself.

But the fact that it looks like so many popular television shows might be why it has more hype than Ridley Scott’s previous film, The Last Duel, which (despite the film kicking ungodly amounts of ass) crash-landed at the box office last month. Gucci might be underwriting the $100 million bomb, Duel, but all will be forgiven if Scott gets another outstanding performance out of Driver.

House Of Gucci opens its doors in theaters on November 24.

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