Jada Pinkett Smith Discusses Difficulties of Maintaining Healthy Sex Life with Will – VladTV

Jada Pinkett Smith is trending again for her recent comments on Red Table Talks about her sex life with husband Will Smith. 

The conversation involved Jada, her mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris, and actress Gwyneth Paltrow about the difficulties of maintaining a healthy sex life with their partners. 

“It’s hard,” Jada said. “I mean, the thing Will and I talk about a lot is the journey. We started in this at a very young age, you know, 22 years old. That’s why the accountability part really hit for me, because I think you expect your partner to know [your needs], especially when it comes to sex. It’s like, ‘Well, if you love me, you should know. If you love me, you should read my mind.’ That’s a huge pitfall.”

“Isn’t it weird, though? It’s like someone doesn’t read your mind and we feel crushed,” Paltrow said. “Like, we feel so disappointed. Why do we—where do we get that from?” 

“You tell me what you need. Tell me what you want, and on top of it, I know that I have to be accountable to do the same,” Jada said in response. “I really try. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s deeply healthy, and I think around sex, because it’s something that we don’t talk about and there’s so much fantasy around it.”

Source: yahoo.com

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