So, It Turns Out Jason Sudeikis First Name Isnt Really Jason – HuffPost

Actors often go by stage names, but Jason Sudeikis uses a different name for a separate reason altogether.

On Monday, the “Ted Lasso” star told “Today” that he was actually born Daniel Jason Sudeikis; however, he uses Jason because his dad shares his name.

“We were googling you over the weekend. True or false: Your real name is Daniel?” co-host Jill Martin asked.

“That my real name is Daniel? My first name? That’s true. I was Daniel Jason. [My dad’s] Daniel Joseph, and my mom decided to call me Jason so that we knew which one she was yelling at,” Sudeikis said.

Sudeikis appeared on the morning show to promote his “SNL” hosting debut. He will return this Saturday, nearly eight years after he left his role as a writer and cast member.

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