Too Short Apologizes for Colorist Comments, Says All Shades Beautiful – TMZ

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Youll recall … Short Dog informed Saweetie he enjoyed interracial relationships, and had really just fallen in love with blended females. He didnt state he wasnt into non-mixed Black women, per se, but numerous made that leap … and declared his remark was anti-Black.

Bottom line … the guy states he enjoys everything about his Black heritage. All of it.

Well, TS is here to set the record directly … more discussing what he was touching on in his OG comments– particularly, that the Bay Area is very varied which race simply isnt at the forefront of many folks minds there … be it for hate, anything or division else.

Theres another point from his Saweetie talk that he cleans up with us too … saying appeal– and ugliness, for that matter– is found in ALL strolls of life, despite skin tone or shade.

Too Short is circling around back to ask forgiveness for a convo he had with Saweetie that made a lot of individuals implicate him of being a colorist, and in addition … hes adding context to his remarks.

Important to say, due to the fact that initially … it sounded like he was implying only combined infants come out looking gorgeous– as opposed to, maybe, Black babies or any other race of babies. Thats not the case, though, as Too Short says here in clear terms.

The Bay Area hip-hop icon informs TMZ … hes sorry if he upset anyone with his words from 2020 during an IG Live chat in between Saweetie and himself– noting it wasnt his intent to come off favoring lighter-skinned Black individuals over darker-skinned folks.

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