Squid Game is Netflixs biggest series launch after topping 100 million viewers globally – CNBC

Scene from “Squid Video Game” by Netflix

Netflix states “Squid Game” is its biggest series launch of perpetuity.

The series isnt for the faint-hearted. It sees imaginary entrants complete in a series of childrens games, in the hope that theyll win stacks of money. If they lose, theyre shot dead by masked guards in red one-piece suits.

Source: Netflix

Its worth keeping in mind that, just because 111 million individuals saw Netflix, that does not mean they saw the whole series from start to end up. Netflixs figures only take into consideration users who tuned in for at least two minutes.

“Squid Game” rapidly became a hit in numerous countries, not least its home country, where a regional broadband provider in fact took legal action against Netflix after the show led to a spike in traffic.

International growth has actually been an essential focus for Netflix over the last few years, having invested heavily into foreign-language shows and films like “Money Heist” and “The Platform,” which attained both commercial and critical success.

Its the first Netflix show to leading 100 million viewers in the very first month, the business stated. The series quickly smashed the previous record from “Bridgerton,” which was seen by 82 million homes in the first 28 days.

The streaming giant stated in a tweet late Tuesday that the much-hyped South Korean drama show has brought in 111 million audiences worldwide given that its Sept. 17 release.

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