Coachella Scraps Mandatory Vaccination Rule, Says Negative Test Fine – TMZ

The description is sure to thrill any anti-vaxx, or anti-mandate, folks on the fence about participating in Coachella– however something feels odd about the change of mind.

Crucial to note, however, the new policy falls in line with what several other celebrations have done … including Lollapalooza back in the summer.

Coachella is making a U-turn … dropping its strategy to implement an obligatory vaccination policy for ticketholders, and instead going for testing unfavorable right prior to the event.

Honestly, if ya wished to be cynical … you could argue AEGs making a service decision– specifically because of the huge pushback were seeing around the country in relation to vaccine mandate.

This is a major about-face from what AEG honchos stated simply a couple months ago– when they announced they d be needing proof of vaccines, including they felt they d be on the best side of history, and that it remained in the best interest of everybody.

The statement boiled down Tuesday by means of an upgrade on Coachellas official IG page– which is run by AEG Presents– saying, “After seeing first-hand the low transmission data and successful application of safety procedures at our other celebrations this previous month, we feel great we can update our health policy.”

The modification … enabling folks to come to Coachella (and other AEG Presents occasions, it seems) without needing to show theyre vaxxed. Rather, you can simply reveal a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of the day youre going to.

For the program to go on, we have upgraded our vaccination policy to make sure the security of fans, artists, and live occasion workers.https:// JkZ2lSJxda— AEG Presents (@aegpresents) August 12, 2021

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