Vishnu Manchu Wins The Seat Of MAA President.. –

< Ultimately the outcry in between the 2 panels caught the attention of the media and hence it ended up being a subject in the 2 Telugu states. Though it referred only 925 votes, the attention these elections grabbed is no less to any serious political elections.. The election was held today and the counting started in the night. Amidst the nail biting thriller the results were declared. Other than for the Executive Vice President position by Srikanth from Prakash Rajs panel, every prospect for the main workplace bearer positions lost the election to Vishnus panel.. Click Here for Latest Direct-to-OTT Releases (List Updates Daily). Lastly Vishnu Manchu won the election with a huge bulk and stated to be the new MAA President. Vishnu Manchu is declared as the brand-new MAA President. The campaign for the MAA Election 2021 was begun in the month of September by the 2 panels of Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu. The project got warmed up with shared criticism on an individual level..

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