WWE SmackDown recap & reactions (Oct. 8, 2021): Pride before the fall – Cageside Seats

And we get to cheer everything.

Household? Family is whatever. Going to the depths of your own darkness to safeguard your household is righteous. In regards to storytelling, Rollins going after Edges family essentially gives the latter carte blanche to do as he pleases, in regards to audience approval. Its why they had Iosef kill John Wicks pet, the exact same pet dog his partner left for him to help him grieve– and move on from– her death. Iosef talking shit, getting into Wicks home, and even taking Wicks cars and truck he refused to offer would not have actually sufficed to justify a vengeance trip through Iosefs whole family. Killing the canine? Pursuing household like that?

Acknowledge me

When Edge didnt bite, at least not at first, Rollins did what he was constantly going to do, what hes constantly done in the past– he took it too far. He involved the Copeland family, burglarizing Edges home and making snide remarks about his spouse and kids. At the time, I didnt like that story beat, mostly due to how impossible it is to execute in the proper way on a professional wrestling show, however its improved with the benefit of hindsight.

The very best part? Its deserved. Which is the key to all of this. Going to the depths of your own darkness to precise vengeance on a male over a title is losing yourself. A title, as much as it may imply competitively speaking, is still simply a physical representation of an accomplishment.

I questioned where they could possibly go from there, and it turns out they had the ideal concept with this story all along. Rollins must have let it go there, due to the fact that of course he should have, due to the fact that he won.

But it wasnt.

Pride comes before the fall.

Rollins was back this week to continue rubbing it in and demanding Edge return around. He provided whatever stipulation Edge wanted, continued running him down at the expense of his household, all of it. Then, the male himself appeared, rushed the ring, let loose a vicious attack with all the markings of the evil Edge we d understood prior to, the one who goes to that dark place, and then he made clear what specification he desired.

Hell in a Cell.

Remember roughly one month back when Seth Rollins and Edge fought at Madison Square Garden and the end result of it was Rollins putting Edge away with the Curb Stomp? My checked out on that at the time was that it was an effectively executed match with an extraordinary story that culminated in Edge, having actually pertained to terms with simply how far from his initial objectives he had actually gone, and just how much he d lost in doing so, having to accept his fate.

Todays episode of Friday Night SmackDown originated from San Jose. Get a total take a look at the show with the live blog right here.

And he did that. He accepted it, knowing it might extremely well be completion.


Now you get not the boogeyman, but the guy you send out to eliminate the boogeyman. And there will be no leaving it. Edge will come for Rollins and he will not do anything since he can do absolutely nothing.

Rollins reaction to this explained what all of this was about. He was shocked, yes, however he likewise looked scared. The smug self-confidence that had him acting these ways, and stating these things, was replaced by fear; of what he released, of what was bearing down on him, at his failure to get away from it.

However thats not what took place. Rollins, obviously, wanted more. He wanted not simply the painfully obvious physical admission of defeat but the spoken equivalent. The defeat itself was inadequate, he needed to enjoy his challengers death. Appreciate it. Examine the wound and twist the knife a little more.

We got an appearance at what a babyface Roman Reigns could appear like with this character bent and you understand what?

On the other hand, in story Reigns gave Paul Heyman the chance to discuss himself and he did a lot of groveling before doing precisely as Roman asked him to, informing Brock Lesnar what hes got pertaining to him at Crown Jewel. Then he rather literally bowed at the Universal champs feet while the rest of us were delegated question how sincere he was being.

It felt electrical. Thats a pro wrestler being damn excellent at his task, developing something the fans so badly wish to get in on, even when stated wrestler is a heel because hes remarkable.

It might could work.

The agreement finalizing is a sector WWE uses frequently for championship, considering its a reliable and easy tool to build to stated championship. Theres a bingo card video game to be played each time, as there are a variety of bits you can try to find within these sectors.

The bit they did at the start of his section revealed that. He went out, soaked in the roar of the crowd responding to his simple presence before shouting out the name of the city, San Jose, and demanding “acknowledge me.” They reacted with a thunderous pop while The Usos flanked him holding up their fingers, The Ones, and the audience did the same in action.

Here, we got “its an agreement finalizing however nobody really signs a contract” on top of “the furnishings is utilized as a weapon and/or destroyed” to support “everyone cuts a promotion on everybody else before a brawl breaks out.”

Theyve done a damn great job of creating intrigue in this match centered entirely around the commitment of a supervisor.


Thats one of the fantastic things about Heyman, both the character and the male– hes commonly referred to as an inveterate liar. This could really well be the setup to a swerve, the something that could take Reigns down and end his, ahem, reign as champion.

The thing to bear in mind is that they can make as lots of bingos as possible as long as its amusing and Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, and Sasha Banks made certain to make it amusing.

Hell, even if they dont make him babyface once again with this, its still simply a cool thing for fans and live audiences. Even if other crowds respond with boos, it still works. I like it. Its a perfect pro fumbling bit.

Particularly how it ended:

Props to them, they really bothered to have a backstage section where we saw Lynch grumbling to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville however ultimately selecting to sign the agreement to make the match authorities.

Belair continues to be extraordinary, both within this program and general.

King of the Ring, Queens Crown

Toni Storm was propped up by method of an introduction to her new character, somebody who styles herself a “child of the 80s,” as they put it. Im unsure how this makes sense, considering she wasnt even born up until 1995, but either way, it appeared like an apparent set up to provide her a win and showcase this new character more. It was a surprise, then, when she got beat in reasonably short order.

On the ladiess side, its a bit more complicated.

It was likewise a surprise when Carmella beat Liv Morgan an instant later, as WWE continues to tease a Morgan babyface push before beating her in matches like this. That triumph established a Vega vs. Carmella match for next week, a heel vs. heel encounter that offers us no one to cheer for.

It also makes sure that a heel from this side of the bracket will remain in the final, which might either imply a heel vs. heel last when Shayna Baszler comes out of that side of the bracket (which is what I expected as quickly as I saw the complete bracket), or Doudrop is really getting a legitimate push all the method to the last here. Neither choice looks especially attracting me, however your mileage may vary.

It likewise establishes a matchup that makes sense in the semifinals.

Appears unusual!

On the mens side, the Mysterio family drama continued, enabling Sami Zayn to score a win over Rey Mysterio. This was a great way to utilize a meaningful match to continue driving a wedge in between Rey and Dominik. Finn Balor returned from his failure as The Demon at Extreme Rules with a strong triumph over Cesaro. As far as restoring somebody goes, this was about as great as you could request.

All the rest

Now you get not the boogeyman, however the guy you send to kill the boogeyman. It was a surprise, then, when she got beat in fairly brief order.

We got our first appearance at how Hit Row will be presented on the primary roster with an elegant vignette that revealed them in the studio. One of my most significant problems with WWE in recent memory is the reality that no one on the lineup is cool.
Am I the just one who keeps hearing “Madcat” every time they say “Madcap” Mosss name on this show? Anyhow, this thing where he tells shitty father jokes that everyone but Baron Corbin hates is the kind of silliness I can get behind in my professional wrestling.
I questioned briefly why Naomi wasnt in the Queens Crown competition and felt terribly about it till she appeared on television and advised me shes in this awesomely odd story with Sonya Deville, who is now apparently doing what she said she would not and getting back in the ring to battle Naomi herself. We still dont know why she dislikes her a lot, beyond the business nonsense she claimed a couple weeks back, but this is a truly interesting match to eagerly anticipate. Im all however particular its not actually going to happen, however still care enough to wish to tune in to see the next step in the story.
Whoever will take on MACE who will ANNIHILATE with his DISPOSITION TO DOMINATE?!?

Your turn.

We got our first look at how Hit Row will be provided on the main roster with an elegant vignette that revealed them in the studio. Anyway, this thing where he tells shitty dad jokes that everybody however Baron Corbin dislikes is the kind of silliness I can get behind in my professional wrestling. I questioned briefly why Naomi wasnt in the Queens Crown tournament and felt severely about it up until she showed up on Television and advised me shes in this awesomely unusual story with Sonya Deville, who is now obviously doing what she said she would not and getting back in the ring to battle Naomi herself.

After a naturally bad episode due to the draft recently, the blue brand solved back on the right track.

Grade: B+.

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