Drew Barrymore praises Dakota Johnson for calling out Ellen DeGeneres: ‘That was amazing, by the way’ – The Independent

Drew Barrymore praised Dakota Johnson for her handling of the infamous interview in which she implicated Ellen DeGeneres of lying.
In 2019, Johnson took part in an interview on Ellen where the speaker stated that she had actually not been invited to her 30th birthday celebration.

Johnson said and contested the claim that DeGeneres had been welcomed, utilizing the now famous line: “Actually no, thats not the reality Ellen.”

Many individuals mentioned Johnsons original interview with DeGeneres as the beginning of completion of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the final season of which started last month.
The programs cancellation followed a continual controversy over claims of a toxic workplace behind the scenes on the program.
DeGeneres was also at the centre of unproven accusations about her off-camera behaviour, from claims that she would require that people not look her in the eye, to claims that her real-life character clashed with her kinder on-camera personality.

In action, Barrymore said: “Is this genuine?” prior to adding: “Because people have gotten in problem for claiming [about] not being welcomed to your celebrations.” Johnson started chuckling, with Barrymore saying: “That was remarkable, by the method. Like, fantastic.” The actor was then cheered and praised by the audience.

Appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show on Thursday (7 October), Johnson was asked about her famous neighbours. The Fifty Shades of Grey star listed off Jimmy Kimmel and said that the late night host and his partner “have a great deal of parties and they do not invite me”.

After announcing her objective to end her program, DeGeneres rejected claims of poor behaviour on her part. She likewise recommended that the backlash against her in 2019 and 2020 was “orchestrated” and misogynist in nature.

Johnson began chuckling, with Barrymore stating: “That was incredible, by the method. The actor was then cheered and applauded by the audience.

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