Britney Spears family has a long, dark history of locking women up – New York Post

The females pal, 63, said the criticism of Jamie is unfair.

John Mark Spears, 52, who is Jamies half-brother, said that their daddy, June Austin Spears, who died in 2012, was an awful guy who was violent to the majority of the 10 kids he had with his 3 better halves.

Britney Spears home town provides itself as both the beginning location for the popstar and one that reveals her familys dark past.Anaid R.

Souvenirs from the Britney Spears Museum in Kentwood, Louisiana.Anaid R.

Hes been residing in a RV behind the system off and on for about two years. Some residents say he has actually done it to show he isnt living large on Britneys money.

Wrather, who began a blog in August about her youth, said her daddy required her mother, Jamies stepmother, on the drug lithium for a while.

Two weeks ago Britney won a huge triumph in court when a judge declared that her fathers control over her life was “toxic” and gave her request to oust him as conservator of her estate.

” Then we discovered who it was and how it occurred,” said the classmate, who did not wish to provide her name however took a press reporter out to Emma Jeans grave, ideal next to her child Austin Wayne, which depends on a cemetery surrounded by bucolic fields and pastures.

” That seems like Jamie,” stated John Mark. “He doesnt care about what the outdoors world thinks. He doesnt care about his track record. Hes a stubborn kid of a bitch and Ill most likely get a visit from him after this story.”.

KENTWOOD, La.– The local museum that houses a virtual shrine to the towns most famous homeowner, mega popstar Britney Spears, used to be a funeral house. Its one of the couple of places still open amongst the deserted and messed up buildings in the small town center.

Some members of Jamies instant family say its typical for individuals in the town to safeguard Jamie.

” The Spears men require to be held responsible,” Leigh Ann said. “Thank goodness Britney got a great legal representative. I think Britney will endure.

Gehringer likes to explain the facial similarity in between Britneys granny, Emma Jean Spears, who eliminated herself at age 31 with a shotgun on the grave of her infant kid in May 1966, by gesturing first at a framed picture of a fresh-faced young “Jean,” as they called her, and a blown-up poster of Britney on the opposite wall.

” The shotgun had actually been pushed against the females chest and she obviously pulled the trigger with a toe of the best foot from which a shoe had been removed,” the newspaper stated at the time. The account also stated that Emma Jean” splayed out her left leg across the tomb” prior to inspecting that the 12-bore shotgun was all set and filled with a single shell.

“You got one warning. Go get in your lorry and get out of here now. Go!

” Every female wanted Jamie,” a Kentwood High schoolmate three years his junior told The Post. The 64-year-old lady asked that her name be kept since shes scared of consequences, even if what she states about the Spears family is favorable.

Leigh Ann said she was stationed in San Diego for the Navy and after a couple of years of therapy, called her sisters and brothers and their spouses to tell them their dad had raped her.

Jamies half-sister and Britneys aunt, Leigh Ann Spears Wrather, 54, who now lives in Springfield, Tenn., said she left house at 16 after being sexually abused by their daddy from the age of 11. After he raped her one day, she asked a good friend to assist her escape. The friends mother set up to meet Leigh Ann at a local shopping mall.

” I never went back except to go to a couple of times,” Wrather, who retired after 26 years in the Navy, informed The Post. We d go to church where my daddy was the deacon and on the method home he d make me beat him off.

” No one understands what took place because nobody was there,” Leigh Ann stated. “But you can wager my daddy pulled the trigger one method or the other even if he wasnt there.”.

” My mother was like a debutante, she came from a good household and was thought about a catch,” Leigh Ann said. When I heard that Britney was put on lithium for a while I practically couldnt believe it however it made sense.

The ambiance is still funereal despite the finest efforts of Fay Gehringer, manager of the Kentwood Historic and Cultural Museum, a buddy of both Britneys moms and dads. She said she utilized to make the hair bows Britney wore “when she carried out in whatever she might when she was a little woman.”

Jamie Spears (in red) with son Bryan, dad June, children Jamie Lynn and Britney, and ex-wife Lynne.WireImage.

Britneys paternal grandmother, Emma Jean Spears (leading right), eliminated herself in 1966. Her widowers kids state she was institutionalised and placed on lithium– just as Britney would be decades later– by her partner, June Austin Spears. Anaid R.; Dana Kennedy

A number of regional ladies in Kentwood and Osyka, Miss., which lies on the state border just 5 miles north, remember Jamie Spears back when he was the hot basketball and football star at Kentwood High School.

None of them were equipped to deal with it, not Jamie, Lynne or Britney.”

John Mark, who talked to The Post at his house in Osyka, where he has actually been a boilermaker, like his father, for 22 years, stated June Austin beat his kids strongly and triggered both of his very first 2 spouses to go off the rails.

The ruling followed Britneys attorney Mathew Rosengart petitioned the court to “right away” suspend Jamie Spears from the function, arguing his continued participation has done absolutely nothing but prolong “the Kafkaesque nightmare” that has been Britneys life considering that the conservatorship was established in 2008, after her very public meltdown.Jamie primarily resides in Kentwood, although he offered Britneys childhood home, behind Greenlaw Baptist Church, for $275,000 in February.

Gehringer, who looks more youthful than her 80 years, gamely shows off artifacts like the angel wings Britney wore during the Femme Fatale tour of 2011 and the glassed-in replica of Britneys whole teenage bed room, made well-known when the then 17-year-old posed seductively next to her dolls and teddy bears in a well-known 1999 Rolling Stone cover story.

” These Spears men are something horrible,” John Mark, Britneys uncle, stated. “Theyve gotten away with a lot, especially to their ladies, for several years.”

Jamie Spears did not respond to voice and text so this press reporter headed out to a gate, leading to a small concrete storage unit, on a large spread on the edge of Kentwood.

Family picture of Lynn Spears, Jamie Spears, Britney Spears and Bryan Spears.Anaid R.

” He was a beast however nobody would say a bad word about him outside the household,” John Mark said. “Just like nobody will say a bad word about Jamie around here.”

He determined himself as the “head of security” but looked quite like Jamie Spears, who has lost a lot weight just recently that John Mark stated he didnt even acknowledge him when he encountered him downtown recently.

” That male worked so tough for years,” she stated. I believe Britney is spoiled, if you ask me.”

Both John Mark and Leigh Ann said they have some doubts about whether or not Emma Jean Spears death was truly a suicide. The death got an unusual quantity of attention, even working on the front page of the Kentwood local paper. It was also quite comprehensive for a suicide.

After this reporter called Jamie to see if he wished to come out and provide his side of the story, a male using a baseball cap and driving a golf cart– accompanied by an intensely barking pet– pulled out from behind the storage unit and drove to the gate.

” That death had a big impact because household,” Gehringer said of Emma Jeans suicide and Britneys dad, Jamie. “It took a big toll on Jamie.”

Gehringer, like lots of in this tiny, rural town (pop. 2,120), is shell-shocked by the current discoveries and fast-moving developments in the tortuous saga of Britneys 13-year conservatorship.

John Mark stated all the familys toxicity can be traced to his and Jamies papa.

John Mark Spears (left) and Leigh Ann Wrather (ideal), the half-siblings of Jamie Spears, claim June– Britneys grandpa– maltreated his partners. Anaid R.

Britneys paternal granny, Emma Jean Spears (leading right), eliminated herself in 1966. Her widowers children state she was institutionalized and put on lithium– just as Britney would be decades later– by her spouse, June Austin Spears. Im not too stunned about what Jamies done to Britney. Jamies half-sister and Britneys aunt, Leigh Ann Spears Wrather, 54, who now lives in Springfield, Tenn., stated she left house at 16 after being sexually abused by their father from the age of 11.

Jo Ann, departed,” John Mark stated. Im not too shocked about what Jamies done to Britney. Its all about control with the Spears guys.”

The Spears next-door-neighbor of several years still resides in the very same house and told The Post that she utilized to babysit for a “sweet and energetic Britney.” The lady, who did not desire her name utilized, was quick to protect Jamie, as lots of here are.

However locals hate talking about it, specifically to outsiders. Over the previous 20 years, visitors have actually reported being threatened with weapons or by the regional sheriff. The author of a 2009 bio of Britney informed The Post that he had actually been alerted not to enter into the local VFW bar, the “Dub,” or he would discover himself “eating gravel” in the parking area. This Post press reporter was informed to leave by the manager who came out as quickly as I pulled into the driveway.

A few of the 10 are dead, like 62-year-old Austin who passed away previously this year of cirrhosis and liver cancer after years of drinking and homelessness.

But John Mark and Leigh Ann question how anyone truly understands how it happened. The regional paper reported that Emma Jeans hubby, June Austin, told the coroner his spouse had actually tried to devote suicide a number of times before and was still depressed over the death of her son, who passed away when he was 3 days old.

A Kentwood High schoolmate of Jamies remembered to The Post how, in May 1966, she was 8 years old in and “pressing cows” across the pastures near Osyka, Ms. when she and her parents discovered a “lorry” at Roberts cemetery and no one around.

When I heard that Britney was on lithium for a while … [its] normal for this household and how they treat their females.
Leigh Ann Wrather, Britney Spears aunt, whose own mother was placed on lithium at the demand of Britneys grandpa.

” You know who thought me?” she said. “Only Lynne Spears. I got absolutely nothing bad to state about Lynne.”.

This is a small town. They got swallowed up by the Hollywood machine, by people who arent like us. None of them were geared up to deal with it, not Jamie, Lynne or Britney.”

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny concurred that it was in Britneys “benefit” to suspend Jamie from the legal arrangement that has managed the vocalists life and money for the last 13 years.

But its as if shes describing a dead icon, not the one-time golden woman from this rough piece of northern Louisiana, simply a couple of miles from the Mississippi border, who is still only 39 and quite alive.

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