Waffle House Says Troll Fabricated Story About Worker Holding Baby as Scam – TMZ

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Waffle Houses VP of Public Relations, Njeri Boss, tells TMZ … they investigated the TikTok video and “have identified that the media portrayals and social networks posts are not precise.”

The restaurant chain adds … “We caution versus more dissemination of that false story and the damages that may result, not to mention the aid that might give to support an apparent scams on the public.”

In researching the incident, an individual called us claiming to be the employee and gave us a terrible backstory describing why she was holding the child in the video– declaring the baby was the kid of her dead bro.

Thankfully, TMZ did not include any of the fraudsters CashApp details in our story, but some individuals out there did … and likely contributed to a bogus cause.

When it comes to the bogus TikTok profile … beware. Its still active and has more than 14,000 followers. Weve reached out to TikTok, but havent heard back.

This person impersonating the worker likewise informed us she was suspended for a week by Waffle House … all of which we now understand is NOT TRUE.

As you might understand … a TikTok of the Waffle House employee went viral last weekend, because she was holding an infant while it appeared she was helping the cooks prepare meals.

Boss adds … “While an employee of ours was taped holding a child at work, she is not related to that infant in any way, never recognized herself as the person in the TikTok video, never ever supplied a CashApp account to receive any contributions, never offered an interview to any media outlet, and never ever was suspended from her task.”

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The Waffle House employee holding a baby while she worked didnt just take heat online, however an online fraudster also comprised a backstory about the occurrence for monetary gain … TMZ has actually found out.

Waffle House even more explains that the worker in the TikTok vid held a child coming from her co-worker in an attempt to rapidly settle the weeping kid … and shes been coached and re-trained on proper safety guidelines going forward.

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