R. Kelly Victim Says He Wasnt Railroaded, Threatened Her for Speaking Out – TMZ

Expense Cosby is way off with his R. Kelly theory about the singer getting a raw deal in his federal sex criminal offenses case … according to one of Kellys victims.

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Faith Rodgers, who previously testified shes a victim of Kellys sexual misbehavior, spoke up Friday for the very first time because the vocalist was convicted on all 9 federal counts … and she states Kelly tried to threaten her into silence.

With lawyer Gloria Allred by her side, Faith ripped Cosbys spokesman, Andrew Wyatt, for telling TMZ … his clients response to Kellys conviction was, “The person was railroaded.”

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Bottom line for Faith … Kelly got a fair trial, and lost.

Whats more, she declares Kelly threatened her several times after she decided to come forward as a victim. She states the supposed dangers consisted of publishing naked images and videos of her.

Faith states that line of thinking, and terms, is “beyond insulting” to all of Kellys victims.


As we reported … Kelly was discovered guilty last month on 9 federal counts, including sex crimes, human trafficking, kidnapping, racketeering and obstruction of justice and human trafficking. When he gets sentenced next year, hes looking at 10 years to life.

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