Netflix will edit phone numbers out of Squid Game following prank calls – The Verge

Netflix verified to The Verge that the numbers that appear in Squid Game will be modified, adding that it hopes that the modification will end the trick calls.

Squid Game has actually been a huge success for Netflix, ending up being the streaming services leading title in the United States as of recently– it stayed a leading title as of today too– the first Korean series to declare that top area, according to Netflix. Thats great for the shows developers and certainly a win for Netflix. Its probably safe to presume the poor individual(s) receiving trick calls from random Squid Game devotees feel differently.

A man who declares to be the owner of the number told a regional media outlet that he d been “bombarded” with messages and calls, including that they had made it challenging to live his life generally. It appears as though several people might have gotten calls from enthusiast Squid Game viewers. Netflix did not right away return an ask for explanation about whether the series had affected one or multiple local numbers.

Netflixs exceptionally popular Squid Video game is getting an edit after phone numbers displayed in the series dialed genuine numbers, leading to what the company referred to as “regrettable” prank dials.

Reuters, which previously reported the news, cited Netflix and production business Siren Pictures as stating they purposefully did not include a total number and werent mindful the number shown would reach a real line.

The Korean drama about a sadistic “video game,” in which players find themselves without any option however to take part in a series of twisted difficulties, contains visible phone numbers in multiple scenes (a telephone number is likewise plainly visible in the Squid Game trailer).

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