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In Episode 3 of the Fox medical dramas 5th season, Nic passed away after the vehicle accident she had actually been involved in last week ultimately left her brain-dead. Despite Conrads initial rejection of the scenario, and the finest efforts of Billie and the Chastain group– consisting of the decision to put Nic in a clinically induced coma– the head injury Nic had experienced shown to be unsurvivable. In the wake of Nics death, several of her organs were donated, and she even made a trachea transplant possible for a client struggling with long-term COVID results.

The following post includes significant spoilers for Season 5, Episode 3 of The Resident. Havent seen? Prevent your eyes, stat!

Listed below, The Resident co-showrunner Peter Elkoff and star Matt Czuchry (whos also a co-executive manufacturer on Season 5) unpack Nics terrible fate. (FYI: You can read VanCamps thoughts on her Resident exit here.).

Emily VanCamp officially said goodbye to The Resident on Tuesday night– and Conrad was forced to say the very same to his long time love, Nic.

Nics unforeseen death had actually been greatly foreshadowed given that The Residents season premiere, which aired three weeks after VanCamps departure from the program was validated. The actress voice was heard during a Conrad/Nic phone call in the best, however Episode 2 ended with polices coming to Conrads door, informing him that Nic had been in a mishap on her way home.

When did conversations begin to get underway with Emily concerning her prospective exit from the show?ELKOFF

Matt, did you have any input on how Nics exit was composed? Did you want input on that storyline?CZUCHRY

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Yeah, thats what Episode 4 has to do with– trying to understand the entirely senseless and inexplicable. Can you picture, for the fantastic diagnostician Conrad Hawkins, a more emotionally trying situation than attempting to identify an accident that makes no sense? We felt it was the most creative method to tell that story.

Well, to start with, how could she have gone to another medical facility and not taken her kid with her? It just seemed like, to protect this imaginary character as alive in this fictional universe, it would produce enormous logic problems. Based upon who that character was, it didnt make sense. She was a dedicated nurse and a devoted mother, Conrads partner, she had this amazing history at Chastain. Why would she a) leave the medical facility, b) leave Conrad, c) leave her child? None of it made any logical sense for us. Doing what we did is the thing that loads an emotional punch. Conrad as a divorced daddy, a part-time daddy? Thats simply sad. Conrad as a single daddy, raising a daughter, is also fantastic but heartbreaking to see, you know? It felt to us like we needed to do the thing that was true to the character that Emily produced and Amy created in the writing, and narrate that had the maximum quantity of emotion and actually put Conrad through the wringer. It gave him an opportunity to challenge himself– challenge the actor, Matt, and likewise the character as a single father.CZUCHRY

Peter, when we spoke at the end of last season, I had asked you about that sweet final montage of Conrad and Nics relationship turning points, which almost felt like a series finale moment. Now that we have the context of Emily leaving the show, I have to ask: Was that montage an intentional farewell to their relationship?ELKOFF

Regardless of Conrads initial rejection of the circumstance, and the finest efforts of Billie and the Chastain team– including the choice to put Nic in a clinically caused coma– the head trauma Nic had actually experienced proved to be unsurvivable. Over the course of 70-plus episodes, weve had an opportunity to explore the human experience through Conrad and Nics eyes. It required to be that method due to the fact that we could not have the audience hoping or wanting that there was something out there that could happen between Conrad and Nic, because that does not allow the characters to grow and change. I was also struck by the circumstances of the cars and truck accident that took Nics life: just one vehicle included, Nic had not been drinking, the weather condition wasnt bad. Peter, when we spoke at the end of last season, I had actually asked you about that sweet final montage of Conrad and Nics relationship turning points, which practically felt like a series ending minute.

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