L.A. County Sheriffs Deputy Fired for Allegedly Having Sex at Universal – TMZ

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Were told the person can appeal the shooting if he desires– however for now, he aint gon na be reporting back to work anytime soon.

Theres a lesson here, folks … often risking it for the biscuit is NOT worth it.

We broke the story … cops state the deputy was ignoring calls from dispatchers, who were attempting to tell him they might hear him making love in or around his team cars and truck– with what seems like a females groans audibly coming through clear and loud.

Law enforcement sources inform TMZ … the deputy who got captured on a hot mic apparently doing the dirty late in 2015– near the Bates Motel, no less– has actually been provided his walking papers. After the brass at L.A. County Sheriffs Dept. checked out the event, were informed they discovered he d broken policy.

The cop who presumably had too great of a time at Universal Studios Hollywood is now trying to find work– turns out, being implicated of banging while on the clock will do that for ya.

The Sheriffs Dept. says, “The administrative investigation has actually concluded concerning this incident. The administrative process is still unfolding and we are unable to share further detail at this time, however what we can state is Sheriff Alex Villanueva takes claims of misconduct extremely seriously and anticipates peace officers to hold themselves to the highest moral and ethical requirements.”

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