Katie Couric allegedly bullied colleague Ashleigh Banfield at the 2000 Olympics, says NBC insider – Fox News

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When the interview ended, Couric also supposedly mocked Banfield stating “Eww that was awkward Ashleigh. Eww. Awkward.”.

Recent allegations claim that former NBC anchor Katie Couric looked for to humiliate her coworker Ashleigh Banfield at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

Couric did not right away react to Fox News request for remark..

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Couric has actually likewise faced reaction for expressing compassion for disgraced NBC “Today” cohost Matt Lauer and attacking one-time competing Diane Sawyer.

” You arent supposed to be in here,” the expert claimed she said. “Spit was flying all over into Ashleighs face.”.

LOS ANGELES, CA – MAY 03: Katie Couric speaks during an interview promoting the EPIX Original Documentary Under The Gun on May 3, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.( Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images For EPIX).
( Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images For EPIX)).

Katie Couric during the 2018 Olympics.

The insider even more stressed that Couric “honestly took happiness” in shaming Banfield throughout the interview.
” Here was Americas so called sweetie, showing she was no advocate of her associate or another woman and she openly took happiness in the reality that she d in the beginning obstructed Ashleigh from being on set, then had her kid do this useless school project interview with Michael and then she relished in Michaels reaction when he stopped the interview at the point Ashleigh asked the most important question,” the insider added.

Couric was likewise reportedly furious with Banfield when she asked Johnson a concern regarding his rumored substance abuse.
” What is she doing? Who does she think she is? This is so humiliating for me and for the TODAY Show,” Couric stated.

When the interview ended, Couric also apparently buffooned Banfield stating “Eww that was awkward Ashleigh. Eww. Awkward.”.

Who does she think she is? This is so awkward for me and for the TODAY Show,” Couric stated.

” It was such a disappointing scene,” the insider explained.
Couric explained the 2000 Olympics in her upcoming narrative “Going There,” but made no mention of Ashleigh Banfield..
” How could I not bring the girls to the Olympics in Salt Lake City, Sydney, Athens? They satisfied gold medalists; Ellie talked to sprinter Michael Johnson for a school paper, and he autographed one of his gold running shoes for her,” Couric composed.

Couric has actually been the center of several debates in recent days before the release of her tell-all book “Going There,” which clarifies her decades-long career in broadcast journalism..
In reaction to her brand-new book, an NBC expert informed the Daily Mail that Couric looked for to pity and embarrass Banfield after Banfield was encouraged to fill in for Tom Brokaw in talking to Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson. Upon preparing for the interview, a female producer who worked for Couric apparently marched up to Banfield and yelled in her face.

The producer apparently forced Banfield to wait outdoors as Couric joked about the fiasco to others.
” I hope it wasnt too indicate having her kicked out of here. Hehehehe,” Couric presumably said.

In an action to Daily Mail, Banfield decreased to discuss the matter saying “I do not wish to reopen old wounds, however Sydney definitely was a professional obstacle for me.”.

Nevertheless, Banfield did respond to among the accusations Couric makes in her brand-new book. Banfield called out Couric for claiming that her and her father were attempting to take Courics position.


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