Dog the Bounty Hunters daughter dismisses his hunt for Brian Laundrie as a publicity stunt – Daily Mail

Sept. 20 – 22: FBI and North Port police continue search for Laundrie in Carton Reserve.

Oct. 4: Laundries sis told protestors outside her house that her family has been disregarding her after they rebuked her story which she does not know where her bro is.

Sept. 21: Coroner validates stays found in Grand Tetons come from Petito. Her death is ruled a murder but her cause of death is still under invesetigation.

Its simply a publicity stunt. Thats really what it is. What, you discovered a Monster Energy can?

Oct. 3: Investigators browsed the area on the Appalachian path for any indications that Laundrie had existed.

Aug. 25: Petito makes last call to her mom, Nicole Schmidt, saying she remained in Grand Teton National Park.

Sept. 17: Laundrie household lawyer verifies his location are unidentified.

The 68-year-old has actually recorded his search for Laundrie on social media – most recently launching video of him learning swamp water in the park..
Chapman likewise explained this widely-publicized video footage as absolutely staged and questioned how her father is funding the search..
Realistically, how is he doing this, what the hell is he doing, and who is funding this nonsense!? she asked.
Hes attempting to sidetrack everyone from everything, thats what he does. He tries to hide his issues..

Chapman said she believes her reality star father Duane Chapman needs to back off and let law enforcement do their job.

Sept. 19: Bethune recognizes she has video of Petitos van around 12am and submits the FBI with the video footage 10 minutes later on; Officials reveal a body was discovered near Grand Teton National Park that matched Petitos description in the afternoon.

Sept. 13: Laundries attorney states on October 5 that his parents now believe this was the day they last saw him heading for a hike.

Sept. 6-7: Laundrie and his parents check out Fort De Soto campsite in Florida.

Chapman, who no longer talks to her embraced father, chuckled off his repeated claims of making progress in his look for Laundrie..
What, you found a Monster Energy can? What does that do for anybody? she asked.
Last Wednesday, Dog brandished a Monster Energy beverage can he had actually recovered from his search of the Fort De Soto Park in Florida where Laundrie is understood to have camped with his household one week prior to he went on the run..
The can, which appeared to have been freshly intoxicated, was found at a makeshift camping site deep in the woods at Shell Island along the shoreline by the park..
A spokesperson for Dog said the exact same day that he was working on very strong leads which it could effectively be the last day of the hunt to apprehend Brian Laundrie..

Aug. 17: Laundrie apparently flies back to Florida to clean out a storage unit.

Laundrie checked out the park (above) with his moms and dads on September 6. They said he returned house with his household the next day.

Sept. 30: Bodycam footage from a 2nd officer at the August 12 event is launched revealing a distressed Petito admitting Laundrie struck her; FBI representatives gather more proof from the Laundrie house.

Sept. 14: Laundrie issues a statement about Petitos disappearance through his attorney; Laundries moms and dads declare on September 17 that Laundrie left his moms and dads home for a hike and they had not seen from him considering that.

Dog has actually focused much of his search around the campsite at Fort De Soto in Pinellas County, Florida (imagined).

Aug. 21: Petitos father, Joseph Petito, has his last FaceTime video call with his daughter who remained in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sept. 1: Laundrie returns to his parents house in North Port, Florida in a van without Petito.

Aug. 27: Video of Petitos van was taken by blogger Jenn Bethune, of Red White & & Bethune, around 6.30 pm at the Spread Creek Campground; Witnesses state they saw a commotion with the couple at Merry Piglets Tex-mex dining establishment in Jackson, Wyoming.

Sept. 22: Neighbors say they saw the Laudrie household pack up their separated camper on the day Gabby was reported missing. photos reveal the camper was back in the driveway 2 days later, on September 13.

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie. Canine introduced his own search for Laundrie last month.

July 1: Gabby Petito and her partner, Brian Laundrie left Blue Point, New York for a cross-country trip.

Aug. 24: Petito is last seen at a hotel in Salt Lake City with Laundrie.

Sept. 27: Manhunt for Laundrie in the Carlton Reserve is scaled back after 10 day search does not discover him. Pet Dog the Bounty Hunter states Laundrie and his parents remained at Fort De Soto Park from September 1-3 and September 6-8 – which on the latter see just the moms and dads left.

Aug. 25 or 26: The couple chats with the owner of a store called Rustic Row in Victor, Utah for about 20 minutes.

Chapman mocked him for parading a Monster Energy can (above) he found at a makeshift campsite near the Fort De Soto campground as a sign he might be surrounding the fugitive.

August 12: Police in Moab, Utah react to a domestic incident including the couple.

Dog the Bounty Hunters estranged child Cecily Chapman (envisioned together) has dismissed his manhunt for Brian Laundrie as a promotion stunt.

On September 25, Dog initially showed up on the doorstep of the Laundries household house in North Port, Florida, where Petito and Laundrie both lived for a year prior to embarking on their cross-country trip..
The truth star has actually focused much of his search ever since at the campground at Fort De Soto..
Laundries familys attorney has actually admitted Laundrie visited the park with his parents on September 6, declaring they left entirely the following day..
Dog has claimed the 23-year-old never left the park..
Meanwhile, the FBI has focused its search primarily at the Carlton Reserve near the household home, where Laundries parents declared he was heading the last time they saw him.
Federal agents have actually also taken monitoring video from around the park..
Petito, 22, and Laundrie, 23, triggered on July 2 on the adventure of a life time traveling across America in their white campervan and narrating their experiences on YouTube..
On September 1, Laundrie showed up back at his households house in North Port without his fiancée but driving their van.

Sept. 26: A funeral service is held for Petito in Holbrook, New York, and her family launch a charity to help moms and dads find missing children.

Oct. 2: A hiker along the Appalachian Trail claims to have seen Laundrie near the border of Tennessee and North Carolina.

Sept. 25: Dog the Bounty Hunter signs up with the search for Laundrie.

Aug. 29: The day that Wisconsin TikToker Miranda Baker claimed that she and her sweetheart were approached by Laundrie at Grand Teton National Park and asked for a flight at 5.30 pm; Schmidt says she is not amusing this claim and believes it perhaps accurate.

Aug. 30: Schmidt receives the last text from Petito: No service in Yosemite.

She accused her father of racism and homophobia and of unfaithful on her late mama..
Pet dog – who has 13 kids – rejected using homophobic and racist language and said his daughters accusations were incorrect.
He likewise told TMZ his daughters are being groomed by his former associates, pleading: Please hope for Bonnie and Cecily to be released from whatever hold these individuals have on them..
Despite the unhappiness, we feel at this rift in our household, Francie and I are anticipating commemorating our wedding event next week with the rest of our household and buddies..
Among Dogs other children – Lyssa, 34 – has joined him in the search for Laundrie, after he announced he was launching his own manhunt for the fugitive days after Petitos body was discovered in a campsite near Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming..

Oct 5: Laundries sis appeared on Good Morning America to state she would turn her brother in if she knew where he is; The Laundrie attorney says his parents now believe he went on the run one day earlier than they initially claimed (September 13 not 14) meaning he had a four-day headstart before they reported him missing out on to authorities; The lawyer also says Laundrie flew from Utah to Florida on Aug. 17 without Petito to clear out a storage unit then returned on Aug. 23.

Dog the Bounty Hunters separated daughter has dismissed his manhunt for Brian Laundrie as a publicity stunt and buffooned him for parading a Monster Energy can as a sign he could be closing in on the fugitive..
Cecily Chapman, 28, told the Sun she believes her truth star father Duane Chapman, 68, needs to back off and let law enforcement do their job as they find the sole individual of interest wanted in connection to the death of Gabby Petito..
Its just a publicity stunt. Thats really what it is. He requires to withdraw and let the FBI manage it, said Chapman.
A genuine (TV) network would be mindful of the situation and Im quite sure everybody knows that this is a f ** kng publicity stunt..
Chapman voiced her suspicions about her dads true intentions as it emerged that Dog has currently pitched a show about his hunt for Laundrie to at least one network.
A source informed The Wrap he put the concept to A&E – the cable television channel which aired his Dog The Bounty Hunter reveal for nine series prior to it ended in 2015 – which instantly passed..

Sept. 12: Grand Teton National Park rangers search for Petito.

Sept. 18: North Port cops and the FBI start searching the Carlton Reserve in Sarasota County for missing Brian Laundrie.

Oct. 1: It emerges Laundries sibling had contact with him after she said she did.

Sept. 15: Laundrie is formally called a person of interest in Petitos case.

Petito was reported missing on September 11 by her mama after not hearing from her child for numerous days and meeting a wall of silence from Laundrie and his moms and dads..
The Laundrie family lawyered up and declined to let police officers speak to him about his fiancees location.
His parents then reported him as missing on September 17, informing authorities they had actually not seen him since September 14 when he went on a walking in the alligator-infested Carlton Reserve..
His parents claimed Tuesday they were incorrect and now think he went on the run one day earlier – significance he had a four-day headstart on authorities..
Petitos body was found in the Wiping park on September 19 and her death has been ruled a homicide. It is unclear how she passed away or when..
Regional police and the FBI have actually now been looking for Laundrie for almost three weeks..

Chapman with her dad. She voiced her suspicions about her dads real intents as it emerged that Dog has already pitched a program about his hunt for Laundrie to A&E.

Timeline of Gabby Petito case.

Sept. 11: Schmidt reports Petito missing to authorities in New York; Petito and Laundries van was impounded by police in Florida that same day.

She dismissed the idea that he might beat the FBI in finding the fugitive, who is believed to have actually been on the run for around 3 weeks..
To be entirely truthful with you, the FBI is never going to let Dog the Bounty Hunter catch Brian anyhow– the FBI is way too prideful for that, she said.
The 28-year-olds criticism comes after she and her sis Bonnie Chapman, 22, exposed they were no longer on speaking terms with their father following their mama Beths death in 2019..
Beth and Dog were married from 2006 to her death in June 2019 at the age of 51 from lung cancer..
The two children informed TMZ in August that they had actually been uninvited to their fathers wedding to Francie, a rancher from Colorado, the following month – whom he met months later in March 2020.
Bonnie later on claimed she believed the rift was activated by her assistance of Black Lives Matter and her participation with Unleashed television – a network that purportedly fired Dog over his usage of offending epithets..

Sept. 23: FBI issues an arrest warrant for Laundrie for usage of unapproved access device for fraudulently utilizing a Capitol One Bank debit card that was not his in between August 30 and September 1 to spend $1,000; A probe is introduced into the police handling of the Utah authorities incident on Aug. 12; Laundries moms and dads visit their lawyer in Orlando.

Sept. 28: Laundries mama is accused of utilizing a burner phone to contact her kid Sept. 29: Documents expose Laundries mommy canceled a booking for the Fort De Soto Park camping area for two from September 1 to 3 and scheduled for three from September 6 to 8; FBI seizes monitoring video footage from website; FBI investigates lead Laundrie bought a burner phone on September 14; Dog the Bounty Hunter searches the area near Fort De Soto finding a just recently drunk can of Monster Energy at a makeshift camping area deep in the woods.

Aug. 23: Laundrie flies back to Utah to rejoin Gabby on their trip.

Chapman likewise explained this widely-publicized footage of her father learning the Fort De Soto Park searching for Laundrie as totally staged.

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