10 Ways to Make HBO Max Suck Less – Lifehacker

Screenshot: Jake Peterson

If youre someone whos generous with your HBO Max login, or you let people view on your television utilizing your account, then you understand your Continue Watching feed is a real mess. Sure, you can use the action above to clear your feed, but thats a consistent chore if you have HBO-hungry friends.
Rather, ask these people to use your “Guest” account, assuming you can manage among your 5 allotted accounts. You develop it the same method you provide for a kid account; go to your profile, choose “SWITCH PROFILES,” however this time choose (+ ADULT). Provide it a color, a name, and a photo (if you want), and after that “SAVE.”.
Now, theres nothing stopping individuals from still picking your profile when they visit to your account, but hey, its a start.

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