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Backstage, an exuberant Jimmy Uso talked to Roman Reigns about him and Jey’s match with The Street Profits later in the show. He said they would go on, win the tag titles, put it next to The Tribal Chief’s Universal Championship and rule SmackDown.

Reigns said he was happy for him but when Jimmy left, planted seeds of doubt in Jey’s head, asking him if he was going to let his brother talk for him. Jey swore he was with Reigns, no matter how well tonight went.

The Street Profits hit the ring and cut a promo about their match with the Usos, putting it over as a dream match before suggesting both Jimmy and Jey are about to have Reigns living in their heads rent-free. This brought the twins to the ring. Verbal sparring gave way to the much-anticipated match, but not before a commercial break. 

The Street Profits dominated the opening minutes of the match, sending the brothers into the announce table and timekeeper position ahead of another timeout. Back from the break, Jimmy tripped Montez Ford up, turning the tide in the favor of the heels. Together, they isolated Ford and worked him over, preventing him from tagging Angelo Dawkins into the bout. 

Ford finally created separation with a big boot to Jimmy and a double clothesline spot with Jey. He tagged Dawkins in and the big man unloaded on the opposition. With Dawkins and Jimmy on the top rope, Ford launched himself from the ring, over the ring post, and onto Jey on the floor. 

Jimmy rocked Dawkins with a superkick but could not put him down for the count. Dawkins answered with a shoulder tackle and a twisting neckbreaker for a two-count of his own. Dawkins flattened Jimmy with a spinebuster and Ford tried for a frog splash, but Jey moved him out of the way.

Jimmy rocked Ford with a superkick and earned the win for his team.



The Usos defeated The Street Profits






This was a damn good opener and one that would have been even better in a pay-per-view setting, without commercial breaks to derail the momentum.

Jimmy rocking Usos gear in hopes that his team with his brother will one day reign supreme, while Jey remained loyal to Roman Reigns with his Right Hand Man, was a great touch to the overarching storyline.

The two teams exhibited the in-ring chemistry one would hope for and the match felt appropriately epic. That so much time was devoted to it only helped matters.

The right team went over as The Street Profits are pretty bulletproof from a credibility perspective at this point. The potential is there for more matches between the two, but it will be imperative not to overexpose the bout and subject it to criticism, especially when this felt as special as it did.

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