Mets players seem to be having fun with Francisco Lindors rat tale – New York Post

If Francisco Lindor and Jeff McNeil made up a rodent story to cover up an argument, teammates likely are not going to rat them out.

In fact, four Mets took to social media to mock all the attention Friday night’s commotion is receiving from fans and the media.

To recap, SNY cameras showed Michael Conforto and Dom Smith peering into the tunnel connecting the Mets dugout to the clubhouse as they walked off the field in the middle of the seventh inning of a 5-4 win in 10 innings against the Diamondbacks at Citi Field. Something caught their attention and they ran down the steps and into the dugout. Multiple teammates followed out of the view of cameras.

So, what really happened?

“It was funny, ’cause I told [McNeil], ‘Hey, I’ve never seen a New York rat,’ ” Lindor said after the game through chuckles. “So we went down sprinting, about to go see a New York rat, and he got mad at me. He’s like, ‘No, it’s not a New York rat, it’s a raccoon.’ I’m like, ‘Hell no! It’s a damn rat.’ Crazy, because we were going back and forth debating if it was a rat or a raccoon. Crazy, man.”

The debate continued on Twitter.

Marcus Stroman used a video clip from “Coming to America” – which inspired Lindor’s theatrical arrival with the Mets – where Eddie Murphy explains to his love interest in the movie, “There’s a rat – a big rat inside” while blocking her from seeing what’s in his apartment. The Mets starter claimed, “This is exactly what my brother @Lindor12BC sounded like. Lol.”

Catcher Thomas Nido sided with Lindor when he wrote, “LFGM!!!!! Btw that was definitely a rat.”

Smith disagreed.

“Opossum,” Smith wrote. “I saw a rat in Boston, against the Red Sox, this one was definitely meaner.. and BIGGER!!”

And pitcher Noah Syndergaard laughed at the hysteria created but the incident.

“Oh no, what happened?!?!?,” Syndergaard wrote with four “neutral face” emojis. “How will this team surviiiiiiiiive?!?!?!?!?”

The Mets appear to be just fine. No word on if the alleged rodent survived. 

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