Taylor Swift Creeps Out Stephen Colbert During Awkward Dispute Over Hey Stephen – HuffPost

On “The Late Show” Tuesday, Taylor Swift firmly insisted that her 2008 song “Hey Stephen” was not about Colbert, despite the fact that she did appear to know a horrible lot about the comic.
And dont be fooled by her Colbert-oriented vision board for the song; she says the tune was really about a various Stephen entirely.
” Dont flatter yourself. My song Hey Stephen is not about you any more than my album 1989 ′ is about that year you invested waiting tables on the lunch shift at Scoozi, an Italian dining establishment in the north location of Chicago that, by the method, serves a truly extraordinary slice of pizza,” Swift said..
Colbert wasnt having it.
” No matter how much you firmly insist that Hey Stephen is not about me, I keep getting the strong sensation that it is,” he stated.
Swift kept in mind that was something he needed to overcome on his own.

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