Samson: Sam Darnold reminds teams they need to look out for players mental health – CBS Sports

Sam Darnold fulfilled with the media as a member of the Carolina Panthers and the previous New York Jets quarterback made remarks on how his ending with his old group decreased. Darnold stated he had a tough time and said that the method the Jets managed things was driving him “outrageous.” As an organizer, he stated he found it very hard not understanding where he would be which affected how he was feeling.
David Samson reacted to these remarks on his podcast, “Nothing Personal with David Samson,” saying his views on gamers opinions in this location has actually changed over time.
” The old David Samson would have offered no bleeps if a gamer stated that,” he stated, but now he understands how important a gamers psychological wellness is.
Samson said as the president of the Miami Marlins he didnt provide a reservation into asking a player to right away transfer. Now he understands it is much better to be understanding and as open as possible with gamers.

That looks different for each gamer he says and its on the managers to understand their employees, or groups to understand their gamers, and find out what they require and when.

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” I didnt even consider that stuff when I was more youthful. Didnt consider it, didnt care,” the podcast host confesses.

” You can look after a gamers mental health while also making great service decisions,” Samson states.
This idea goes beyond sports nevertheless, with Samson including, “For Sam Darnold to succeed, for anybody to prosper, as their boss your task is to put individuals in the best position for them to be successful in the way they know how to prosper.”

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