Mark Hamill to star in movie based on famous story from comedian/party animal Bert Kreischer – The A.V. Club

Mark HamillPhoto: Kevin Winter Season (Getty Images).

Interestingly this wont be the first film loosely based upon Bert Kreischers life. When he was in college, he was the subject of a Rolling Stone piece about how he was the very best partier at the countrys biggest party school, whim him basically having spent 6 years getting intoxicated at Florida State University. Though Kreischer wasnt involved, that story apparently acted as the basis for National Lampoons Van Wilder, suggesting we might not have gotten the Ryan Reynolds all of us know and enjoy today if not for this guys rejection to just relax down and go to class. Hey, possibly Ryan Reynolds could make a cameo in the movie! And possibly he could play Deadpool in the cameo! And refer to the truth that Mark Hamill played Luke Skywalker!

They are so tickled by this (and by Kreischers talent for consuming a lot) that they go on different alcohol-fueled adventures with him, culminating in a crazy train break-in, and its all absolutely, totally, true (absolutely). Heres Kreischer informing the story himself:.

The film– called The Machine– will act as a sequel of sorts, catching up with Kreischer 20 years after robbing the train when he and his father (Hamill, probably) get abducted by Russian mobsters. Itll be a drunken party motion picture crossed with a funny crime thriller … so yeah, The Hangover satisfies Midnight Run, sure.

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