Chet Hanks Ex Suing Him for $1 Million, Claims He Abused Her – TMZ

Chet Hanks ex-girlfriend is now suing him over their unpredictable relationship which just recently pertained to a bloody ending … and shes claiming hes the one who abused her while they were together.
According to brand-new legal docs, Chets ex, Kiana Parker, is suing him in Texas for $1 million … she declares he roughed her up on multiple events in between October 2020 and January 2021.

In the suit, gotten by TMZ, Kiana details a supposed event TMZ initially reported last month– she claims it took place in October 2020 in New Orleans, where Chet was shooting “Your Honor.” She claims he became enraged when she informed him she was leaving their space at the Windsor Court Hotel … grabbing her by the wrists and arms and pressing her around the space, overturning tables.

As we told you, Kiana likewise claims Chet informed her no one would think her since he was “Chet Hanks” and she was “simply a ghetto Black bitch.”
In the docs, Kiana declares Chet threatened to kill her in a murder-suicide the month after the declared New Orleans occurrence, threatening her while her twins were inside his Sugar Land, Texas home.

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TMZ broke the story … Chet and Kiana had a violent altercation on video back on Jan. 8, with both of them tossing allegations of violence, and footage of a bloodied Hanks.
In the fit, Kiana declares Chet was incredibly aggressive while she was moving her things out of his house that day, alleging he came at her with a knife and declaring she swung a pot at his head in self-defense.
When she got a short-term limiting order versus Chet in January, Kiana initially raised many of these claims. Chet denied her claims and fired off a suit versus her for attack and battery, and declared she took cash from him.
Chets attorney, Marty Singer, informs TMZ … “We think about the claims submitted by Kiana Parker to be a shakedown. The suit submitted by Ms Parker is in reaction to the lawsuit submitted by Chet Hanks against Ms Parker on March 4,2021.”
Singer thinks the video of their kitchen run-in informs the “undeniable” reality about their relationship, and adds … “Her claims are completely false, produced and imaginary.”


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