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So I got the candidates for the main categories on DVD. Warner sent out three or four things. Some started coming around Thanksgiving. Im paying attention to the significant categories only, because I havent seen more than a couple of documentaries. The rest I will not see because I do not have the time or the capacity for getting a new TELEVISION and all that, today. I dont like enjoying motion pictures on my computer system.

I got an Oscar plan of docs, shorts, and foreign, the categories that are hardest for their members to see. Im not taking a look at shorts. I may do that.

I would vote for the fantastic Dianne Wiest and Candy Bergen in the Soderbergh film “Let Them All Talk.” It was well done, all shot on the Queen Mary. The environment was great, suspenseful. It was the very best Woody Allen. Thats why [the Academy] need to increase the variety of acting elections so that theyre comparable to Best Picture. Youre fortunate if you discover 4 Best Pictures you think are great.

A member of the Academy publicity branch goes through the classifications, the majority of which he will not be able to vote on.

I do enjoy Netflix. I liked “I Care a Lot,” which is a terrible title, whoever agreed to a title like that ought to be fired. I would have probably chose the wonderful Rosamund Pike, she was fantastic in it. Hats off to the HFPA, her Golden Globes approval speech was wonderful. They chose her, great for them, they saw the film. ” The Dig” is likewise excellent, Ralph Fiennes was fabulous in it, he ought to have been nominated, a disgrace. I would have voted for him.

I vote in the press agents branch. Complaints people make about Oscars and elections is that now whatever is so promoted, costly and so intentional. It gets away from the function of what the entire thing is with awards.

With Oscar ballots heading into Academy citizens hands on April 15, were creating ahead with our 4th annual series of interviews with Academy citizens from different branches for their candid thoughts on what got picked, ignored, and misestimated in this weird pandemic year.

I have a Smart TV, however I cant get Apple or HBO Max on my Panasonic, even though I subscribe to HBO. Anyhow Ive gone through hell on this one. I never ever utilized the portal.

” Judas and the Black Messiah”

Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection

I would opt for “Nomadland.” It was consistently exceptional all the method through. I was into it the whole time. “Nomadland” is smooth, and the commentary element and how Chloé Zhao used the real people was wonderful.

Best Picture

” The Father”: Sony Classics always sends their things early. It was outstanding.

” Judas and Black Messiah”: My only qualm, is in the beginning the discussion is difficult to comprehend, its very vernacular. It took me a while to get gotten used to how they were speaking. Im happy “Ma Raineys Black Bottom” and “One Night In Miami,” in spite of the praise they got, werent chosen. They were both tiresome, uninteresting, therefore obviously stagey. “Judas” is a genuine movie, cinematic.

” Minari” was a very great film, although its smaller sized.

” Sound of Metal”: Riz Ahmed was excellent, Im a fan of his anyhow, from “The Night Of.” The film fell apart in the last quarter, in Paris. I didnt get their relationship, which was so strong to begin with.

” The Trial of the Chicago 7″: I lived through a lot of it. Its all fantastic. Frank Langella did it brilliantly. I couldnt find out who the star who played the defense lawyer was. It was Mark Rylance! He was spectacular. They were all great.

” Mank”: Its an ambitious mess. I dont comprehend why it got all those elections. The movie didnt flow, I do not understand what he was attempting to do with it. The relationship in between Welles and Mank wasnt there, what were we enjoying as all these individuals in Hollywood tried to resolve the scenario between the 2? It wasnt described appropriately, it was scattered. The black-and-white photography looked fantastic, the production values were very first rate. Gary Oldman was tiresome, Amanda Seyfried was excellent, however they didnt provide her adequate to do. I liked the scene where she discovers a bottle of alcohol under the swimming pool. She had actually things positioned all over San Simeon, to hide alcohol from Hearst. Its a significant dissatisfaction, the one thing I was truly trying to find.

” Promising Young Woman” is very creative, stylistically innovative, and various as a vengeance movie. Carey Mulligan was excellent.

Emerald Fennell and Chloé Zhao

Perhaps I will vote for Fennell and “Nomadland” for Best Film and split it up that method. Perhaps in the plan of things, Zhao must get Best Director since of who she is and what she achieved.

AP Images

Chadwick Boseman, god bless, gives a great efficiency [in “Ma Raineys Black Bottom”] Although his role is more supporting, he made that film come alive at the end. Its in between Ahmed and Anthony Hopkins. Ahmed was excellent, but his performance at the end was weak. Hopkins is perfect all the method through, he won an Oscar for another incredible performance [” The Silence of the Lambs”] Im not exactly sure.

Finest Actor

Best Director

Best Supporting Actor

Its a lead performance, however hes not in the lead category. And he should have Best Actor for that role.

Viola Davis in “Ma Raineys Black Bottom”

I liked “Pieces of a Woman,” Vanessa Kirby was good, and Shia LaBeouf was good in that too, in a little role. Andra Day was great, however the motion picture [The United States vs. Billie Holiday”] was simply passable. She sang well.

Im voting for Carey Mulligan, since Viola is in the wrong classification. Frances McDormand is ideal, but she has won 2 Oscars whichs enough. That constantly weighs with me. Its so challenging to get one with all the politicking you need to get through.

Finest Actress


Viola Davis in “Ma Raineys Black Bottom,” shes a powerful force, amazing. The supporting vs. leading classifications have actually to be reexamined. I felt it was a recorded play other than for Viola Davis.

Maria Bakalova, “Borat 2”

Amazon Prime Video

Finest Supporting Actress

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I did not see “Emma” or “Pinocchio.” The “Ma Rainey” hair and makeup was outstanding, she looked towering, fantastic, her performance was perfectly done. Its an indelible appearance.

The only one I saw was “Time,” which I thought was a mess. Did they leave a plea deal on the table? I got DVDs of “My Octopus Teacher” and “Crip Camp.” Im going to start viewing them.

” Another Round” is a difficult movie. The whole idea in such a way is outrageous, evaluating the theory of alcohol being the option to their problems. Regardless of that, I purchased that it was happening.

” News of the World”.

” The Father”.

Production Design.

” Another Round” cinematographer Sturla Brandth Grøvlen.

Given everything that went into “Mank” and how it caught the duration, something about that film is so manipulative and deliberate and precious. In “Nomadland,” you felt you were there. There was a lot to record. I d choose “Nomadland,” although the “Judas” cinematography was effective, you got to feel those guys in that situation without it being self-important.

I never ever saw “Tenet.” I didnt get [a DVD], its now on the portal. [Chris Nolan] was ridiculous not to send it out, individuals couldnt go to theaters to see it. I forgot everything about it since I never ever got it, It wasnt in any of the projects. I havent seen “The One and Only Ivan,” “Mulan,” “The Midnight Sky,” or “Love and Monsters.”.

” The White Tiger,” I loved. It should have been nominated for Best Picture. An effective movie, it was a more violent frightening take on “Parasite.”.

Visual Effects.


The rest I wont see because I do not have the time or the capability for getting a new TELEVISION and all that, right now. I got an Oscar bundle of docs, shorts, and foreign, the classifications that are hardest for their members to see. Possibly in the scheme of things, Zhao needs to get Best Director due to the fact that of who she is and what she achieved.

I never ever truly felt the scope of San Simeon, the elaborateness and splendour of it. In “The Father,” when he altered the layout of the apartment, it was really subtle and you didnt realize it right away. I desired more of how the Tom Hanks character got there, the person who went around checking out the news to people.

Sony Pictures Classics.

” Hillbilly Elegy” I heard was not great, but I desire to see Glenn Close, and I like Amy Adams. Im partial to voting for Glenn Close since she hasnt won an Oscar, and from the scenes Ive seen her in, she immerses herself. I want to see that.

” Nomadland” and “The Father” were beautifully consistent. I d like to offer “The Father” something, the modifying was so seamless, even when you were rattled by the different men who are expected to be wed to [the child] I didnt rather get at first that [the fathers] mind wasnt working. This was difficult to pull off. Everybody did it beautifully.

Bruce Talamon/Universal Pictures.

With “Promising Young Woman,” you dont understand how the screenplay would check out. I could not think of the film that it ended up being from the movie script, with so much style and individuality in the direction. The importance of “Promising Young Woman” was her direction and how she adapted it instead of the movie script itself. I d maybe go for “The Trial of the Chicago 7,” which covered all the angles of that extremely well.

Costume Design.

Makeup and hairstyling.

Thanks To Amazon Studios.


I wanted more of how the Tom Hanks character got there, the man who went around reading the news to individuals.

thanks to filmmaker.

Paul Raci and Riz Ahmed in “Sound of Metal”.

Finest Documentary.

International Feature Film.


I wanted to see that. I dont get Disney+. I would probably vote for “Sound of Metal.”.

Adjusted Screenplay

Its so tough to get one with all the politicking you have to get through.

Initial Screenplay

Between “Mank” and “Ma Rainey,” I d provide it to “Mank.” Although the “Ma Rainey” outfits were excellent and perfect, everyone else did not appear extraordinary. While in “Mank,” they had a great deal of people to dress, and they all looked like the period.

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