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After Asuka gave Ripley a DDT on the apron, Charlotte flew in and assaulted for the DQ. Charlotte laid them both out and buffooned them..

Program Recap–.

I think Alexa Bliss generally said that shes become effective enough on her own and didnt require the darkness (Bray Wyatt). She likewise had a brand-new pal called Lilly.

Date: April 12, 2021Location: Yuengling Center in Tampa, FL.

Ripley remained in control and dropkicked Asuka out of the ring, which resulted in break less than two minutes into the match..

Theres a Raw Womens title rematch tonight, in addition to a brand-new episode of the Firefly Fun House..

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax were in the back enjoying a replay of Mandy Rose falling and slipping throughout her entryway at Mania. Rose jumped in and Jax told Baszler she could manage this alone. She said it was funny when things happen when you least anticipated it.

Miz and John Morrison roamed through the back in an excellent state of mind. Miz said she undoubtedly their guest on Miz TV.

( Feel complimentary to enjoy this if you need to know more of what she stated.).

There was a random graphic revealed during the match plugging that Maryse would be on Miz TELEVISION tonight..

Raw kicked off with video footage from earlier today of Bobby Lashley and MVP arriving at the structure. Lashley kept in mind that Riddle got beat up by Sheamus last night.

Charlotte Flair promotion.

Charlotte Flair entered. Virk discussed that there were rumours she wasnt pleased to be overlooked of WrestleMania. Charlotte got on the apron and waited till somebody opened the ropes for her to get in. There was nobody designated to do this so she motioned to an electronic camera man to do it..

MizTV with guest Maryse.

Kevin Patrick interviewed brand-new Womens Champion Rhea Ripley. She stated she had adequate confidence to challenge Asuka on her first night and to beat one of the very best champs ever at WrestleMania. She said her reign was the “ruthless world order” and she d be ready for Asuka again this evening. (This felt extremely scripted.).

Benjamin struck Erik with a knee strike enabling him and Alexander to take control. Ivar made the hot tag and he hammered away on Benjamin prior to hitting shoulder deals with, a crossbody and seated senton.

The Big Takeaway–.

They messed up two spots in a row after that. Ripley wanted to get Asuka up in the electrical chair drop position however they simply kinda fell over. They tried another spot where Ripley generally hit a Samoan drop, but that didnt appear to be the prepared area because Asuka is the one who covered Ripley. Ripley lastly did slam Asuka for a two count..

[2nd hour]

Charlotte named every lady who was on Mania over the weekend and said that none compare to her. Charlotte stated she didnt steal chances– she was the chance. She wasnt going to say sorry for being that damn great and we must be bowing down to the 13-time champion..

Miz challenged him to a match. Morrison stated he desired to challenge him to a match.

Adnan Virk, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton are the commentators. Virk said tonight would be a thrill of a lifetime..

The Viking Raiders beat Cedric Alexander & & Shelton Benjamin (5:39).

Alexas Playground.

Ripley cut off Asuka with a clothesline. Asuka came back with kicks, a flying dropkick, a German suplex, a running hip attack, roundhouse kick and a moving knee for 2.

Raw Womens Championship match: Rhea Ripley vs. Asuka ended in a DQ (11:51).

Charlotte stated she wasnt “welcomed” at WrestleMania. Individuals informed her that its not a big offer to miss one because shes been on five already. She stated it was undesirable that she wasnt included..

Lashley moved Riddle into the ring and Riddle told the referee to begin the match. Lashley took control right away and strike an excellent delayed vertical suplex. Riddle attempted battling back however Lashley slammed him before pressing him over the barrier which led to commercials. Lashley stayed in control and struck a flatliner for two..

Charlotte kept in mind that she challenged Asuka on Raw however she didnt even respond. She said Ripley took benefit and beat Asuka.

Patrick spoke with Asuka. She said Ripley took the fight last night but tonight was her turn. As soon as again become champ, losing was a problem but she was all set for Ripley and would. Asuka was fired up..

Charlotte Flair returned and placed herself in the Raw Womens title photo. The Viking Raiders also selected and returned up a win..

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) defeated Riddle in a non-title match (10:27).

Drew McIntyre beat Randy Orton and Braun Strowman to make another championship versus Bobby Lashley at the next PPV. T-Bar and Mace attacked McIntyre after the match as MVP searched..

She said she required respect and told Ripley and Asuka to enjoy the match that she must remain in. She dropped the mic..

Alexander and Benjamin didnt get an entrance..

It wasnt her fault that Asuka required a brand-new tag partner, that Ric Flair made an ass of himself on Legends Night, or that Lacey Evans got pregnant significance she could not kick her ass at Mania..

New United States Champion Sheamus and brand-new tag champs AJ Styles and Omos were not on the program.

Damian Priest disrupted. Even he didnt desire to take credit for Bad Bunnys performance. Priest said Miz was trying to conserve face but reminded him that Bad Bunny beat him..

Miz stated he made Bad Bunny into a huge superstar. He showed images of Bad Bunny providing Morrison a falcon arrow and wiping them out with a dive. Miz stated Bad Bunny would have been a flop without him..

Miz stated he was still the most must-see superstar in WWE. Maryse was on to plug their program which follows Raw. Morrison believed perhaps they need to have a spinoff show with him involved. Miz didnt like that idea..

Lashley attacked Riddle throughout his entryway as he rode around the ring on his scooter. Lashley tossed him around ringside and drove him into the ring post..

Erik tagged in and the Raiders gave Alexander the Viking Experience for the pinfall win..

Riddle rambled on about Lashley declaring to provide opportunities. Lashley was getting frustrated so he pushed Riddle down. Lashley said there were winners and losers and he was going to show Riddle the distinction between the two tonight..

Lashley continued the whipping as the commentators wondered just how much more Riddle might take. Riddle came back with strikes and took down Lashley with a knee strike. Nevertheless, he missed out on a drifting bro and Lashley put him in the Hurt Lock for the submission win..

2-on-1 handicap match: John Morrison & & The Miz (w/Maryse) beat Damian Priest (5:33).

Randy Orton came out next. He said the Fiend and Alexa Bliss were completed (we just saw Bliss earlier) and he desired to be WWE Champion again..

Orton and McIntyre battled on the outside until Orton chucked him over the announce desk. Strowman ran over Orton prior to nailing both men with the steel steps. As Strowman went into the ring, Orton cut him off and struck a draping DDT..

McIntyre and Orton worked together early on and suplexed Strowman. However, Strowman popped up and tackled them. He ran around the ring however McIntyre smashed him in the confront with the steel steps. Orton backdropped McIntyre onto the announce table which led to break 90 seconds into the match..

There was a business for the Steve Austin documentary on A&E..

Miz and Morrison used their typical clothing since they werent anticipating the match yet..

Kofi Kingston & & Xavier Woods defeated Elias & & Jaxson Ryker (10:04).

( After the match, Miz tripped over his trousers on the ramp, which was most likely prepared, and Maryse then tripped over Mizs pants, which was most likely not prepared.).

Kofi Kingston stated they shouldnt be saying sorry to Shane, they ought to be asking forgiveness to the rest of the tag division for getting their asses whooped by one guy at Mania. Woods stated they would never ever reveal their faces again if that happened to them. New Day shamed them..

Miz stated she clearly their visitor on Miz TV. Miz said he was still the most must-see superstar in WWE. Miz said he made Bad Bunny into a big super star. Morrison stated he wanted to challenge him to a match. MVP stated its always just a matter of time till Lashley applied the Hurt Lock.

Throughout the match, Jax tossed Rose in the ring and slipped again as she tried returning in the ring. She followed Rose who bailed up the ramp with Brooke. They voluntarily left understanding they d be suspended. They could be heard saying, “its not worth it.” Graves was baffled..

Maryse got on the apron so Priest nicely asked her to get down. Miz utilized the opportunity to apply a school child with his feet on the rope for the pinfall win..

This was extremely dumb..

McIntyre interrupted. He said MVP had no concept how it felt. He knew it would boil down to the Claymore or Hurt Lock and he confessed he got captured. He kept in mind how happy MVP was and wanted him and to keep milking Lashley for what hes worth. He desired Lashleys head to be as huge as possible since he would get his rematch and would knock Lashley off his pedestal..

WWE Champion Bobby Lashleys All Mighty Address.

If you have not gotten enough of individuals tripping unintentionally, Jax “tripped” over the rope as she entered the ring before the match so Rose and Brooke might laugh at her..

Bray Wyatt and his sweatshirt welcomed us back to the funhouse. The rabbit stated it would be lonesome without “her.” Wyatt said they d always have each other. Wyatt felt reborn and whatever will be great since “he” will return. He waved and smiled..

[3rd hour]

Kingston and Woods each struck flip dives which led to break 40 seconds into the match. The match continued 4 minutes later and they didnt show a single thing that wouldve happened during the break.

Braun Strowman disrupted. He informed McIntyre to step to the back of the line..

Tag Team Champions Nia Jax & & Shayna Baszler defeated Mandy Rose & & Dana Brooke via countout in a non-title match (4:33).

They beat up on Woods up until Kingston made the hot tag and took down Elias with strikes and leg drop. Woods got Ryker on the new and outside Day followed with Day Break on Elias for the pinfall win. (Woods got the pin.).

There was a recap of Lashley maintaining his title over Drew McIntyre..

Orton gave Strowman an RKO but McIntyre separated the cover by providing Orton a Claymore kick. McIntyre pinned Orton to become the number one contender. Its Lashley vs. McIntyre once again..

Priest provided Morrison his finisher however Miz had actually tagged himself in. Miz tried striking Skull Crushing Finale but Priest obstructed it and went for Hit the Lights but Maryse saved Miz by grabbing his foot. Priest ripped Mizs pants so we could see his underclothing for the purposes of comedy..

Orton said he would win tonight after he strikes with an RKO..

After the match, MVP went into the phase. McIntyre turned around into a double chokeslam by T-Bar and Mace (wearing their Retribution equipment).

Triple Threat match: Drew McIntyre beat Braun Strowman and Randy Orton (11:14).

Adam Pearce got in. He said they were all making excellent points, so this evening, there would be a triple danger match and the winner would deal with Lashley for the title at “WrestleMania Backlash.”.

McIntyre and Strowman argued in the back over who would win tonight. Strowman appeared to have a shiner..

MVP remained in the ring alone. He described why Lashley wasnt there by saying Lashley felt disrespected and didnt want to experience any more absurdity..

Patrick asked Jax about Rose and Brooke. Jax asked if the replay was essential because it was from like 20 minutes back.

He put McIntyre over as a warrior. Nevertheless, he took his eyes off the reward for a 2nd and it cost him. MVP said its always just a matter of time till Lashley used the Hurt Lock. MVP questioned how much discomfort McIntyre must remain in today..

Obviously, nothing of note occurred during the four-minute break. McIntyre struck Orton with clotheslines and overhead suplexes however Strowman ran him over with a boot. Strowman charged at Orton in the corner however ran unto a neckbreaker by McIntyre..

Elias reminded them that they also got battered by one male, Omos, and lost their tag titles. Kingston referenced DMX and stated New Day intended on revealing them what a genuine tag team looked like..

A great match with a great finish..

Firefly Fun House.

Elias and Jaxson Ryker were in the ring. Elias tried playing his guitar however every time he went to strum it, Xavier Woods trombone played (off-screen).

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