Hank Azaria feels the need to “personally apologize” to every Indian person for voicing Apu – The A.V. Club

Azaria appears to recognize the very main function that he played in spreading out the racist stereotyping that Apu belonged of, and it seems like going out of his way to a minimum of apologize for it and listen to individualss concerns about it are active parts of his life now. “Part of me seems like I need to go to every single Indian person in this country and personally ask forgiveness,” he said on the podcast. “And sometimes I do.” On The Simpsons, Apu has never been recast (unlike some of the Black characters who were when voiced by white guys, like with Kevin Michael Richardson replacing Harry Shearer as Dr. Hibbert).

The Simpsons was somewhat sluggish to welcome the trend of animated shows moving far from having white stars voice non-white characters, to the point that the show actively pressed back versus the shift initially, but– to his credit– voice actor Hank Azaria was quicker than a few of his Simpsons associates to acknowledge the reality that he was doing something incorrect and offensive by voicing Apu (as highlighted in Hari Kondabolus documentary The Problem With Apu). Azaria chose that he would stop voicing Apu long prior to it had openly ended up being official policy at Simpsons HQ, and hes been open ever since about the truth that he wants to be held liable for the harm that he caused by playing the character.

Just recently, during a look on Dax Shepard and Monica Padmans Armchair Expert podcast (by means of The Hollywood Reporter) Azaria stated that he continues to check out the negative impact that Apu had an the understanding of Indian people in the United States, which hes met Indian-American kids who have actually never ever seen an episode of The Simpsons but still understand about Apu. “Its almost a slur at this point,” he says, including that a person 17-year-old kid in specific had tearfully asked him to advise authors that “what they do matters and has implications on individualss lives.”.

Hank AzariaPhoto: Andrew Toth (Getty Images).

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