BBC Receives 100,000 Complaints Over Prince Philip Coverage – Hollywood Reporter

10:08 PM PDT 4/12/2021

The vast majority of the grievances suggested that the BBCs coverage was excessive and drowned out other news subjects such as the pandemic, on top of problems about canceled programs, The Guardian reports.

The number of problems dwarfed the previous record holder, the BBCs screening of Jerry Springer: The Musical which led to 63,000 complaints in 2005.

Abid Rahman

The U.K. public broadcasters choice to cut into arranged programming in favor of wall-to-wall coverage in the after-effects of the Duke of Edinburghs passing caused a record number of grievances.

The BBCs choice to cut into its tv and radio schedule and dedicate wall-to-wall protection of the death of Prince Philip last Friday caused over 110,000 grievances from the public.

Buckingham Palace released official news of the princes death on Friday noon, local time, at which point the BBC cleared its schedules to cover the news with BBC One, BBC Two and BBC News all bring the very same feed and BBC Four taken entirely off-the-air. Popular reveals, such as the long-running soap Eastenders and the season finale of MasterChef were rubbed out in favor of news programs, as well as documentaries and homage programs celebrating the princes life.


The Guardian paper reports that a record variety of people in the U.K. grumbled straight to the BBC over the public broadcasters protection in the 24 hours after the statement of the Duke of Edinburghs death at the age of 99.

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