As U.K. royals mourn Prince Philip, could his passing offer Prince Harry an opportunity for “reconciliation”? – CBS News

Windsor, England– The U.K. was in a period of nationwide mourning on Monday, keeping in mind the life of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Queen Elizabeth IIs partner of more than 70 years died last week at the age of 99. As CBS News Holly Williams reports, the funeral will be held at Windsor Castles St. Georges Chapel on Saturday.
It will be a small, personal service, owing to COVID-19 limitations limiting gatherings to 30 individuals, and per the late dukes own wishes. However as one previous royal reporter informed CBS News, it might still offer an opportunity to help recover a rift between 2 crucial members of the royal familys younger generation and the liked ones from whom they felt the need to look for some distance..
Prince Harry was back in England on Monday, self-isolating for the necessary 5 days under U.K. coronavirus guidelines, to be able to go to the funeral.
For years, Philip was concerned by some as the power behind the throne, however historian and long-time BBC royal reporter Wesley Kerr informed CBS News that a generational shift had actually already happened within the monarchy.
” The queen has actually been doing quite a lot less anyhow, even pre-COVID,” Kerr stated. Charles and William.

Prince Philip mourned throughout the world.


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The younger members of your home of Windsor are a more complex set than the king and her late husband, who appeared gladly wed for 73 years.
Prince Andrew paid tribute to his father– the very first time he d been heard from considering that the Jeffrey Epstein scandal put an end to his public function as a royal– describing his mom as stoical in the face of her loss, which he stated had left “a huge void in her life.”.
” I feel really sorry, and helpful of my mom, whos, I think, feeling it probably more than everybody else,” Andrew said on Sunday.
While Meghan, the Duchess of Sussexs pregnancy will keep her far from the funeral service, her other half Prince Harry will be there to honor his grandpa. The service this weekend will come just weeks after Meghan and Harrys bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, throughout which they made claims of racism within the royal household.


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” I believe he will be welcomed as a very close family member by his granny, by his father, by his sibling and his cousins,” forecasted Kerr. “I think theyll be definitely thrilled to see him.”.
” He and his better half have left their chest whatever their beefs were,” stated Kerr, keeping in mind that, according to the queen herself, “recollections vary” within the royal family as to a few of the claims made by the young royals, and some of their assertions– having been married silently 3 days prior to their wedding, for example– have been flatly declined.
Now, Kerr stated the time may be ideal to try to sooth any emotional damage done.
” I believe togetherness, specifically at the funeral of an excellent patriarch, I think is going to be the essential thing,” he said. “In the end, this is Harrys household. I know Meghan has actually got a household however, truly, this is his household along with Meghan, and I think that reconciliation will be the style … reconciliation is constantly an extremely, very effective style at a funeral service.”.
Kerr, no stranger to the British publics or the British press factor to consider of the royals, stated he didnt expect to see a substantial reaction against Harry over the interview with Oprah.
” I believe that therell be commentary in newspapers and after that in the remarks below, just as there has actually been for a number of weeks,” he said. “He and the duchess picked to give the interview and they selected to put their views out there. Undoubtedly, theres going to be comments on that, some beneficial, some less so.”.


” To me, whats essential really is the queen, Prince Charles, William– thats the future. Thats the key future of the organization. But Harry continues to be a crucial member of the royal family,” Kerr said, recommending that he and Meghan had actually ended up being something of a “North American branch” of the family that the queen herself obviously calls “The Firm.”.
While Kerr kept in mind that the duke and duchess were plainly concentrated on their brand-new, independent ventures as non-working royals, “hes absolutely still a member of the royal household– hes certainly Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. Shes absolutely the Duchess of Sussex. I believe the point is that theyre still extremely much members of the royal family.”.
Kerr stated it was possible that Harry and Meghan might return eventually to being more visible members of that household, and that he d personally be “delighted” to see that.
He also kept in mind that another opportunity was looming not far on the horizon to construct on any reconciliation that comes this week as the royal household mourns the loss of their patriarch.
” I believe hell be back on July the 1st, if it doesnt correspond with the birth of the kid, to reveal the brand-new statue to Diana,” Kerr said, referring to Prince Harrys expected participation at the official event to unveil a statue of his late mother this summertime.
” So I think, you know, in a family there are conflicts, but theres also reconciliation.”.

“In the end, this is Harrys household. I know Meghan has actually got a family however, really, this is his household as well as Meghan, and I think that reconciliation will be the style … reconciliation is always a very, really effective theme at a funeral service.”.
Harry continues to be an important member of the royal household,” Kerr stated, suggesting that he and Meghan had become something of a “North American branch” of the family that the queen herself apparently calls “The Firm.”.
While Kerr noted that the duke and duchess were plainly focused on their new, independent ventures as non-working royals, “hes certainly still a member of the royal family– hes definitely Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. I think the point is that theyre still very much members of the royal household.”.

On Monday, from his self-isolation at Frogmore Cottage on the royal estate in Windsor, Prince Harry released a statement admiring his late grandfather as “a man of service, honour and excellent humour,” whom he stated was, to him, most importantly, “grandfather: master of the barbecue, legend of banter, and saucy best til completion.”.
” He was authentically himself, with a seriously sharp wit, and could hold the attention of any room due to his charm– and likewise since you never understood what he might state next,” said Harry, including: “Meghan, Archie, and I (as well as your future great-granddaughter) will constantly hold a special location for you in our hearts.”.

( L-R) Prince William, Duke of Cambridge; Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh; Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge; Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attend Christmas Day Church service at Church of St Mary Magdalene on December 25, 2017 in Kings Lynn, England.

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