Andrew Yang tearfully explains giving away his dog Grizzly – Fox News

The New York City mayoral wannabe wrecked on Monday while describing what he called a “tough” decision to give away Grizz to a buddy after his allergic son had a respiratory attack.
” Thats when I understood that we d have to give our canine away,” Yang stated through tears throughout a press conference in Brooklyn. “Oh, that was dreadful. It was dreadful.”

Yangs comments came after he raised eyebrows Sunday when he tweeted about quiting the pooch to “commemorate” National Pet Day.

Andrew Yang is more than a little fur-klempt over his old pet, Grizzly.


” Ive got to say, I was in rejection. I resembled, No method hes allergic to Grizzly,” the mayoral polling front-runner stated. His better half, Evelyn, understood the dog was the issue.
” He was like a member of the household. We miss him all the time. He was, like, my friend,” said Yang.

You get a pet.”

” It was a day to commemorate animals and what they mean to us all, and Grizzly indicated the world to me and my household therefore it felt really natural.”
He stated Grizzs brand-new owners “treat him I believe much more than me and Evelyn did.”

” Thats when I understood that we d have to give our pet dog away,” Yang said through tears throughout a press conference in Brooklyn. His wife, Evelyn, understood the pet dog was the concern.
He was, like, my finest good friend,” stated Yang.

” One of the jokes that a few of our friends inform is that your canine is your kid till you have a kid. However it was heartbreaking. We still miss Grizzly.”
Asked why he tweeted the photo of his former pup, Yang stated the post “felt extremely natural.”
” You know, it was National Pet Day and we still have a pet in our hearts, so I didnt actually believe much of it,” he said.

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” Heres the circle of life in New York City, a minimum of it was for me and Evelyn,” he said. “You satisfy somebody you love and get married, and after that what do you do? You get a pet dog.”

” One of the jokes that some of our good friends inform is that your pet is your kid up until you have a kid.

Some on Twitter had actually provided the previous governmental candidate flak for giving up the family pet, however Yang described that it followed his older kid, Christopher, had a serious asthma attack– which the puppy is happy and safe living with friends in California.
Yang obtained the pet dog with his spouse prior to their kids were born, and said he in the beginning remained in “rejection” that the canine was the cause of his sons allergies.

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